Ice Cream Cones

We offer Fresh Vanilla, 98% fat free Vanilla or Swiss Chocolate Custard


What is a Concrete? A concrete is a thick and creamy concoction of our award winning frozen custard and one of our many flavors listed below, blended together in a cup and served to you upside down to show you how thick it is.

Specialty Concretes (Our famous combinations)

Regular Concretes

**Each Regular Concrete includes one of the above listed flavors, each additional flavor is an extra charge.
**Flavors may vary at each location. Please call to find out if your favorite flavor is available at your location


Our award winning Frozen Custard with ONE flavor from the above list and whipped cream and maraschino cherry.

Specialty Sundaes

(whipped cream & maraschino cherry complimentary on all sundaes)
*Flavors vary at each location, please check with your location!

Other Frozen Favorites

Banana Split … 1 scoop of vanilla frozen custard, swiss chocolate custard and strawberry ice cream with chocolate syrup, pineapple & strawberry topping, and, of course the fresh, sliced banana on the sides, whipped cream, maraschino cherry & mixed nuts on top.

Black & White Sundae a/k/a Referee Sundae -(2 scoops of vanilla frozen custard with hot fudge on top, one scoop of swiss chocolate custard with marshmallow on top, whipped cream, maraschino cherry & mixed nuts.

Little Big Horn Cone …vanilla frozen custard dipped in hard chocolate and coated with mixed nuts.

Root Beer Float ..2 scoops of fresh vanilla frozen custard and Root Beer.

Decorated Clown Cone ….decorated clown face on a single dip of ice cream.

Hawaiian Shaved Ice ..… shaved ice flavored with a variety of different syrups

Baseball Helmet Sundae …major league baseball helmet with your choice of frozen custard or ice cream, your favorite topping & whipped cream and maraschino cherry

Shakes ...a combination of 2% milk, frozen custard and your favorite topping, blended in a cup and topped with whipped cream.

Smoothies: A blend of vanilla frozen custard, ice and your choice of the following flavors:

Strawberry | Triple Berry | Tropical Orange | Mocha | Toffee Coffee

Take Home

Vanilla Custard OR One Flavor Custard

Frozen Custard Cakes
One layer of vanilla frozen custard and one layer of swiss chocolate frozen custard with a middle layer of cookie fudge crunch.


Download our printable menu: